I divide my service into two categories: internal for my university and external for my field. Internal Service (University)

At the university-level, I am a member of the eLearning committee. This opportunity helped me to understand how processes work at the university level. In this committee, I contribute to the future of the University of Washington by affecting eLearning (online and hybrid education) strategies. More importantly, I personally believe eLearning is the future of education.

In 2012, I have been invited to present, and moderate a panel discussion at the Chancellor's Forum [link].

At the school level, I serve as the chair of the petitions committee. This committee gave me the opportunity to work closely with our academic advisors and learn internal processes in the School of Business. Moreover, we prepared standard operating procedures to handle routine/frequent petitions. I also served as a member of several search committees.

External Service (Field)

The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP) directors invited me to become the founding co-chair of the Internet of Things special interest group after our successful internet of things model presentation at the HICSS conference.

I have also served as a reviewer for top tier management information systems and operations management journals including Journal of MIS, European Journal of Operational Research, International Journal of e-Commerce, and several conferences.

I have served as a track chair at several conferences including AMCIS, HICSS, and ACIS. Information Systems conferences require intense editorial responsibilities since accepted papers are peer-reviewed and published in proceedings. I am currently a mini-track chair at HICSS (Wearable Technologies, Intelligence, and Quantified Self.)