BBUS 330

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of information technologies and to the strategic opportunities and challenges presented by these technologies. I designed this course based on my belief that business opportunities and challenges are best addressed through a fundamental understanding of management and technological concepts. Topics covered include e-business, collaboration through IT, databases, telecommunication technologies, and IT security. While there is some introduction to technical details, the real impact of this class is gained by understanding the impact of technology on how business is done.

Information Management and Analysis is the first MIS course for most students, and it is an open elective. This course has only one required textbook. Technical projects such as data analysis and database design along with midterm and final exams evaluate students on the course content. Over the years, I found the balance among the students with wide spectrum of skills and increased evaluation scores to 4.6/5, with challenge and engagement index 5.6/7