BBUS 521

I designed this course to provide a strategic understanding of information technologies (IT) management. Becoming an IT leader requires a broad understanding of the impact of information technology on the corporation. This starts with an understanding of the economics of the production and distribution of key information technologies, continues with the grasp of the process by which information technologies have an impact on businesses: efficiency, productivity, business value, performance and human capital effects. Enterprise IT Management is an organized way of developing and providing managerial decision-making process in the IT field.

Enterprise IT is a case-based discussion course. The required material consists of a Harvard textbook, five cases, and other ad-hoc material such as the recent IT security news articles. I also prefer to change at least one case every year. I assess student performance with nine short essays (due before every class meeting), five case analysis write-ups, and a term project on an emerging information technology. This course received extremely well student evaluation (as high as 4.9/5 for instructor effectiveness, 4.8/5 average, and 6.6/7 challenge and engagement index.) More importantly, these scores have been consistently high over the years.