Programming Essentials

This online course provides essentials necessary for business analytics professionals in terms of software and programming skills. You will learn how to use RStudio and Python to manage and visualize data. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Get familiar with the RStudio IDE (integrated development environment) interface.
  2. Use R-syntax, and Python language (along with its open source Pandas library.)
  3. Learn how to clean, analyze and visualize data.
  4. Understand how to ask well formulated questions to produce analytics programming solutions.
  5. Point to relevant resources on how to get help and improve your programming skills.
  6. Communicate your findings effectively.

Individual, and hands-on participation is essential for your learning in this course. A great deal of learning in programming takes place when you practice on your own, and figure out how to clean your code; very little learning takes place when you listen passively.

See Canvas for all course materials and assignments